Garuda Pancasila Lyrick

Extension agent Base.


       The elementary of this counseling is representing from the explanation of mean the Indonesian Obligate Song “Garuda Pancasila” (The Indonesian Five Principles)”. In deed,  Each/Every Person have the way of, or point of few to the text which  contain in couplet of the Obligate song “Garuda Pancasila” like in this lyric.

                    GARUDA PANCASILA,     AKULAH     PENDUKUNGMU


                     Rakyat  ADIL , MAKMUR________________________SENTOSA

                     Pribadi   Bangsaku……………………………………………………

  1. Ayo….MAJU,  MAJU………………………………………………

                      Ayo …MAJU…………!,…………….MAJU…………………………! .

                       Ayo    MAJU…………………………………………………………


The Solution Becoming fundamental are three topic.

Topic I, depicting nationality base. Topic II is step base reach the target. Topic III is personal base of citizen that which requires to be drawn up.

TOPIK I (Clear)


Topic II is the base of Extension agent (THL-TBPP) inspiration.

                 SENTOSA is from JAVANIST ANCIENT Language .We may interpreted it by in synonymous, means is equal to all quota live fulfilled by itself people (SEmua JAtah Hidup TErpenuhi RAkyat)/SEJAHTERA.

If there is a question: “LIVE” to EAT? Or “EAT “to LIVE?

In THIS framework As the Extension agent (THL-TBPP) think to chosen: EAT TO LIVE        


If I choose LIFE TO EAT, hence after eating no makes action any more, because the target to eat have been reached. If not yet been reached, hence I will labor the others lose from the life, so that the foods just be come to my person only, Or I try to collect the food as much as I can, with all way that I can did, if can will prepare until seven generation so that stock will granted my clan and family can eat.


Because of eating hence I admit of the life. Because of life hence I require the others requirement more than eat .That are: (1)the peacefully and delicious sleep desire ,hence  I also require (2)the residence house ,so that if I do not catch a cold and be ill hence I need (3)medicine and clothes. In esteeming for my self of course I need of an (4) education and Job. Wish to eat a good food for my healthy; I need stove and its fuel.

 If we detailed one by one, Hence The distributing for the life is very depended by the persons of according to place/area  and also community culture of where he/she live having  socialization.


SENTOSA/SEJAHTRA (SE.JA.H.TE.RA= SEmua JAtah Hidup TErpenuhi RAkyat/ ALL The QUOTA to Live can be FULLFIL BY The PEOPLE) is an aspiration of an Excellency State. If that is clarification can be mentioned that sentence as SEJAHTERA, hence that mean State having responsibility making their citizen having the secure and prosperous. Base on all the explanation we may have a conclusion. We may have an agreement that was SENTOSA equivalent to Secure and prosperously (SEJAHTERA). Some times people seen Rich not yet secure and prosperous /SEJAHTRA of course, and so do People looked to be modestly not granted yet to be secure and prosperous/SEJAHTRA.

To reach SEJAHTERA that will really be given the secure and prosperous committed used of formula in Topic II,

That is By Fighting for JUSTICE and PROSPERITY in parallel/concurrently.

Bailing history experience, a period of The First President RI, JUSTICE was there but no PROSPERITY. A Period Of The Second President RI, PROSPERITY there was, But there no JUSTICE In this period during to that its APBN fund rotate, in Governance center 75 %, the rest 25 % divided to The local area with the pattern of admission filling approved-project list ( DIP/Daftar Isian Proyek).

Is later; then claimed The AREA AUTONOMY, after Area AUTONOMY walk, In the reality JUSTICE FOUGHT FOR but lumbered, Cymbal The prosperity in program, but in implementation level do not walk in the Wright way, it ruled of slow going, so that run over by the era, and the implication of that, we were experience of the conditions like this time until now.

                 Basically governmental program concept have good, but only era and its condition not supported yet. Disaster come again and again, like earth quack, Tsunami, Mountain explosion (Geographical and geological side), world economic/monetary side, and experienced Natural Resources side. But from all that side, that Human Resource Development (HRD) side of human being is not yet paid attention until now.

TOPIC III is giving its Human Resource Development inspiration.

Couplet AYO MAJU (LET GO FORWARD)…………. Repeat for many times.

If something sentence repeated in many times means that’s massage is very important once.

Invitation for GO FORWARD( MAJU), meaning That human being which think to go forward , have to make a move non-stopped by as according to its era., may not desist, may not quickly satisfy, and WILLINGLY  ALWAYS TO  LEARN.

Example as Illustration, First once have the HP was NOKIA 310, me very great at running menu which is there are in it. I have Conservative character and maintained it. And proud me once with my astuteness that. But case arriving me has the problem How to see The Result of THL -TBPP Testing Number of through passing in internet. I am become fill foolish of because have never learned internet in HP. Later; Then a friend loan me the HP NOKIA 7610, I am surprise as newly custom, now understand that How foolish am I. [how its twit am I]

In concept of management there were a “Statement” /statement tell:

“It’s easier for foolish person to be came Rich, rather then a clever person to be come rich. “

Usually “FOOL” MAKE MONEY OUT from but “BRIGHT PEOPLE” MAKE MONEY IN” message of that’s which is, is passed to by TOPIC II,

We have to fill foolish if we wish to go forward/maju. Because person which always make fill foolish out of to own the potency accept the more amount knowledge. Compared to personally be which feel bright, finally any is incoming information vomit to return. So that knowledge which must be entering cannot be utilized to overcome the problem becoming solution. What emerge oppositely; also making more complicated new problem.


MAJU if viewed as an Indonesian acronym, hence from the aspect of my approach MAJU) that is abbreviation of MAsyarakat JUjur/DOWNRIGHT SOCIETY and MAnusia JUjur/DOWNRIGHT HUMAN BEING (Honest Person) If we wish to go forward/MAJU, We have to be downright /HONEST

The costliest price is sincerity/honesty.

Go on in the middle of environment of good, tend to the goodness.  The goodness goes on follow to the bed environmental tend to grow to badness. If we wish to reach the JUSTICE (Keadilaan) and PROSPERITY (Kesejahtraan) parallel/concurrently

, hence must be there DOWNRIGHT human being (orang jujur) is in DOWNRIGHT Society environment (masyarakat jujur). Or minimum there must be one among downright component. May be their Leader can it’s, or can also its Society.

If two of that component missing in our nation, what will be done before our State this.

This is the keyword and problems kernel which we face now , so that THL-TBPP as the consoling proposed  to all manager Gapoktan to be grew and  develop performing a declaration “Sepakat Jujur”/”AGREEMENT For Honest ” before the Lead Countryside..        

        Conclusion, human being canbe downright only caused by   in their      self has of in Fear before the God. 24 December 2009(IR.USMAN SILALAHI)++

Walau uang kita ada satu lemari dan miliaran di Bank BRI tidak dapat membayar orang untuk menggantikan posisi kita di Tempat tidur Rumah sakit, maka “Lebih baik mencegah dari pada mengobati” & Jadikanlah makanan sebagai obat jangan sampai Obat jadi makanan anda. (CARING by delivery TOUCH a hearth & Always SMILE) karena hati yg gembira itu juga obat yg manjur.

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